Week 4: Now Watch Me Snip, My Hair Away-way

Hello everyone!

This week, I decided to get a hair cut.

This usually isn't a big deal. HOWEVER, I have been growing my hair out since last April. I found out last year that Steve likes to braid hair, so I figured I would grow it out, since I have someone who likes to do hair. Here's the problem. I have a sensitive scalp. I have not put my hair up since 8th grade unless it's for a show. So I get headaches easily. Steve and I tried braiding my hair, but my head hurt too much. I also decided to get my hair cut because it's summer and less hair = happy me.

So, Steve and I looked up salons in the area that had decently priced haircuts. We looked up a beauty school in the area that had a haircut at $12. We figured it was the beauty school we pass all the time when we go grocery shopping. I called and made an appointment for Saturday.

I rolled out of bed and drove to the school. I walked in, declaring I had an appointment, and was told that I wasn't on the list. He asked me if I was on a time constraint, then told me I could sit in the waiting area while they worked on fitting me in. At this time, I figured something was wrong. I looked up the name of the school I was at, and compared the number on their site to the number I called the day before.

It was a different number.

Now, as we all know by now, I have anxiety. They were already going through the trouble of fitting me in, so I didn't want to tell them I was at the wrong place. My other issue was, how much was it going to cost to get a haircut there? Haircuts can get as pricy as $30. I'm not saying that's not worth it for the time and effort being put into it. Before I could look up their pricing, I was directed to a chair.

She shampooed my hair, which made me worry more about the price after my cut, then started snipping away. She had her teacher looking over her shoulder constantly, making sure she was cutting my hair correctly. She commented that everyone was excited that I was getting a pixie cut. I didn't really believe her until at least 6 of the workers were gathered around us watching. They kept commenting that it looked good, to which my stylist would say "I know right? She's so adorable"

She finished up, showing me how to style my hair (which made me worry again, because styling can cost extra). She told me that my boyfriend probably had some of that product at home I could use (anyone who knows Steve knows how hilarious that suggestion is).Then came the part I was dreading. The bill. I waited nervously to pay. The receptionist said "That will be $10."

HOLY CRAP! That's the cheapest haircut i've gotten that I was happy with.

The sad part was that the red in my hair got cut out, so I'll probably re-dye, but I missed this hair so much. And it's so nice in the summer. Again, I know that a haircut doesn't seem like a big deal, but to me, your hair can say a lot about you, and i'm tired of being mistaken as a high school student.

Something I like about myself this week: I have big ideas. It can be a downfall sometimes, but when I do set my mind on one of these ideas, i'm usually satisfied with the results. I'm told all the time that some of my ideas are too ambitious, but that sort of inspires me to do it (some people call this stubbornness). Artists and great minds didn't get anywhere by doing something easy that everyone else was doing. You need to push boundaries to get on the map. I want to be different.

This week, I would like to highlight my Dad. My dad has been a truck driver my whole life. He hasn't been around too much, and some times i've resented him for it, but as an adult I can respect the sacrifice my dad has made for me and my sisters. I worked at a factory for three months, dedicating half of my day to the job, and the other half to sleeping. It was a miserable time, and I was unable to have a social life outside of work (which, let's be honest, was not a good social life). My dad has worked like that for YEARS. I cannot imagine sacrificing so much of my time like that for that long, but he did it to make sure my sisters and I lived happy and comfortable lives. He delivers fuel now, and anytime there's a huge storm across Wisconsin, I want to call him and make sure he's safe (calling someone who's driving in hazardous conditions may not be the BEST idea). We don't talk to each other on the phone a lot, but I know he's there when I need him. Some people aren't lucky enough to have their dads in their life at all. I'm glad I have mine.

That's it for this week! not sure what's happening this upcoming week, but I'll figure something out!




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