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Week 4: Now Watch Me Snip, My Hair Away-way

Hello everyone!

This week, I decided to get a hair cut.

This usually isn't a big deal. HOWEVER, I have been growing my hair out since last April. I found out last year that Steve likes to braid hair, so I figured I would grow it out, since I have someone who likes to do hair. Here's the problem. I have a sensitive scalp. I have not put my hair up since 8th grade unless it's for a show. So I get headaches easily. Steve and I tried braiding my hair, but my head hurt too much. I also decided to get my hair cut because it's summer and less hair = happy me.

So, Steve and I looked up salons in the area that had decently priced haircuts. We looked up a beauty school in the area that had a haircut at $12. We figured it was the beauty school we pass all the time when we go grocery shopping. I called and made an appointment for Saturday.

I rolled out of bed and drove to the school. I walked in, declaring I had an appointment, and was told that I wasn't on the list. He asked …

Week 3: Adulting like crazy


I figured this week I would write about something I did that I'm very happy/ nervous about.

As I explained last week, I got inspired at the wrong time. It was the wrong time for the blog, but the right time for a due date. NAEA (national art education association) has a national conference every year. The one I went to a year ago in Chicago was an eye-opening experience for me, showing me what it means to be an art teacher across the country.

They have numerous discussions during these conventions. Teachers from all over the country talking about new ways they have discovered to get the students engaged in learning. I told Steve that one of my long-term goals is to be a presenter at this national conference within the next ten years. I didn't think to enter for the one this upcoming year. I'm still young to the career and had nothing new to bring. Every time I got an email calling for presenters, I dismissed it without a second thought.

Then last weekend, I got insp…