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Week 7 and 8: Redecorating and Door County


This last week, Steve and I worked together to reorganize our apartment.

The last few weeks, we have been sitting back to back at our desks. We both get very easily distracted, and Steve works from home, so we made the decision to move my desk into the bedroom. It has worked out so much better for both of us. This also helped us open up to each other more. We already have open conversations with each other, but sometimes I hold my tongue when I don't want to disagree or inconvenience anyone, which though it can be helpful in the moment, it does nothing to improve things in the long run. Talking to your partner and compromising where you can will do miracles for a relationship.  No matter what you think, it is never too late to have a meaningful conversation with someone you love. It's also important to keep your interests at heart, but know when to compromise.

We also got new furniture. Our old stuff wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the best either. We went to the…

Weeks 5 and 6: Celebrating and Volunteering

Hello all!

I apologize for the late post. Recent events put me in a mood.

Week 5, Steve and I decided to celebrate our 1 year anniversary by going to Green Bay. We brought our camera to the New Zoo and experimented with it.

Afterwards, we stopped at Seroogy's, my favorite chocolate place, and picked up some candy (they have a new pop rock flavored candy bar, and it's surprisingly good!). It was a great day, where we talked and got to know each other so much more than we already do.

During week 6, I volunteered in Appleton at the library and the summer school. The summer school is amazing, and I'm having so much fun working with the middle school students. I'm learning so much about the students and how the school works. Every day just reassures me that this is what I want to do with my life.

On to why I've been down lately. Last week I found out that my cousin was in the hospital, with no hope of recovery. His name was Eric. We were never super close, but when we w…